Our 5-Step Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Service Process

1. Contact Us.

Contact us directly or through our website, and we’ll set up a time for a consultation call. You’ll tell us about your needs, and we’ll discuss the options Heritage Imaging offers, including full-service diagnostic imaging or lease of MRI, PET, CT, service/repair of your equipment, and staffing.

2. Needs Assessment.

We’ll work together to determine which services best meet your needs (e.g., full-service diagnostic imaging, short-term or long-term equipment lease, service/repair of your equipment, staffing, etc.). We can help you build a business case (financial pro forma), operational model (processes, protocols, and preparation), and logistics (location of system and required components) to justify to stakeholders.

3. T’s & C’s.

Upon business case approval, we’ll provide a contract that includes the critical components of our partnership for your review. We’re happy to meet virtually and/or onsite to help assure a smooth and informed decision.

4. Step-by-Step Onboarding.

After the contract is signed, we’ll visit your site with our implementation team and work with you to establish the necessary protocols and procedures for your patients, your team, our team, and your facility.

5. First Day of Service.

On the first day of service, we’ll be there with you to ensure a smooth setup and a stress-free day for your staff and patients. As demand increases, we’ll provide the flexibility and expertise to scale efficiently and/or transition into fixed-site modalities.

Helping you give your patients the best care possible, no matter where they live.