Patients check-in at your clinic or hospital just as they do for all appointments and procedures, and our technologists serve as extensions of your facility. We will greet the patient and perform the necessary follow up MRI and PET-CT screening to assure an appropriate and safe diagnostic test. While inside our mobile diagnostic imaging suite patients receive their scans, typically lasting 45-60 minutes. The diagnostic imaging is sent directly to the appropriate provider(s) and patients discuss the results and next steps with their provider. Patients report they are grateful for being able to have all of this performed at their primary healthcare facility – they like not having to commute long distances and the comfort of getting all of their care at their home facility.

We work with our customers, their patients and their communities, to provide world class diagnostic imaging. We can do as little or as much of your diagnostic imaging as you’d like. From leasing MRI or PET/CT equipment to your facility where you operate the equipment with your own technologists and review with your own radiologists, to our technologists and team obtaining and interpreting the images, and everything in between.  Let us know how we can best partner with you.

Our value proposition is to bring world class diagnostic imaging to your site – to your patients. This allows you to offer these critical services to your patients at your location. Typically our customers’ break even when they average 4-7 scans per day of service and the diagnostic imaging brings revenue and profitability within your health system to support the growth of your team, charity care, and so many other aspects of your facility.

Profitability can certainly be increased. Aside from its critical role in medical decision making, MRI and PET/CT diagnostic imaging is reimbursed relatively well and our customers find that by offering these services to their customers they not only keep their patients within their clinic or hospital, ease their healthcare experience, but also drive significant revenue and profitability to their facilities. This comes directly from the services themselves and from retaining patients who might otherwise seek full-service care elsewhere.

Our mobile systems utilize full-size MRI and PET-CT scanners by industry leaders GE and Siemens. These are the same systems found in most fixed site healthcare facilities across the nation.

Helping you give your patients the best care possible, no matter where they live.