Hello, my name is Jolee Sanford, and I have been with Heritage Imaging for about 9 months

Jolee Sanford
MRI Technologist

Hello, my name is Jolee Sanford, and I have been with Heritage Imaging for about 9 months. I graduated in 2022 from Laramie County Community College with my Radiologic Technologist certification. After graduation I took a job doing x-ray in Orthopedics but always knew I wanted to broaden my experience and knowledge within medical imaging. When I was presented with the opportunity to cross-train into Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) there was no doubt in my mind, it was a yes for me.

There is a lot to learn with anything new you choose to do, but for me that’s half the fun. There are several registered MRI technologists working for Heritage Imaging that opted to take on the responsibility of teaching someone fresh out of school, like me, and I couldn’t have done it without them. In the beginning I simply sat and watched as colleagues screened patients and set up the different planes required for that particular study, taking notes of each and every step along the way. Eventually I got comfortable enough to step in and do these tasks under the supervision of my co-workers. I noticed quickly that there are some exams we do more routinely than others making them easier for me to feel confident scanning alone. After around 4 months with Heritage Imaging, I started working alone or with a Patient Care Assistant (PCA). Now nearly 9 months later I can tackle almost anything the imaging world throws at me and do it confidently, thanks to the team at Heritage Imaging.

Heritage Imaging Future

We are a forward-looking company that aspires to continually expand and service clients throughout the country. The demand for our service grows every year. We are proud of providing opportunities to improve patient experiences and build rewarding careers. We believe the personal growth of our team is just as significant as professional growth. Heritage Imaging employees work to make a great living and make a meaningful difference.