Rich Braedt
MRI Lead Technologist

How long have you worked with Heritage Imaging?
23 years.

What is your role at Heritage Imaging?
MRI lead tech.

What were your fears or concerns before joining the Heritage Imaging team?
Before I joined up all those years ago, I was concerned that maybe the business model would not be sustainable as more and more hospitals put in their own scanners. Well, it’s been 23 years and there are still plenty of sites that prefer to have our mobile service instead of buying, maintaining and staffing their scanners.

How did your fears or concerns play out after you joined Heritage Imaging?
I have seen that while some hospitals do end up putting in their own scanners, there is no shortage of other sites, small hospitals and clinics which prefer our mobile service.

What do you love about your work?
I love the interactions I have with my patients. I enjoy moving from site to site and getting to know the staff at the various hospitals. I love being more involved with the problem-solving aspects of the job such as finding creative solutions to various issues that may arise.

What do you like about the Heritage Imaging culture?
The Heritage Imaging culture is great because it’s a small group of dedicated professionals who all have the same goals of bringing quality healthcare to our patients sometimes under difficult conditions. It’s a fun group to meet up with in person and catch up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives.

Heritage Imaging Future

We are a forward-looking company that aspires to continually expand and service clients throughout the country. The demand for our service grows every year. We are proud of providing opportunities to improve patient experiences and build rewarding careers. We believe the personal growth of our team is just as significant as professional growth. Heritage Imaging employees work to make a great living and make a meaningful difference.